Dos Bastidors

Massarach double-frame hydraulic platforms are the ideal solution for handling merchandise in warehouses and industries in which the need to move heavy loads and/or large volumes is a deciding factor in their installation. Our platforms offer a load capacity of up to 6,000 kg, minimal maintenance, and an incomparable useful life and reliability, all of which help you to maximise your daily work.

The machine’s frames can be mounted on opposing walls and if needed can be ordered with the possibility of the two frames being positioned in parallel.

The platform is manufactured with dimensions which can be adapted to the existing pit.

Dos Bastidors Dos Bastidors

Technical Specifications:

Maximum load between 2,500 kg and 6,000 kg
Speed 0.10 m/s
400V three-phase motor 50/60Hz

Control panel:
Height up to 12 m. Please consult us for larger heights.
Automatic levelling
Pressure relief valve
Descent speed regulator valve
Emergency manual descent valve in case of electrical fault
Descent valve 220VAC
System to prevent loosening of cables
Chrome pistons
Start-up radial motor – tri-motor 400/690V 50/60 Hz

Speed 0.20 m/s. Instant start-up
Speed 0.20 m/s. Start-up in two phases
Speed up to 0.40 m/s. Progressive start-up, stopping, lifting, and descent
Automatic heat resistor
Oil cooler

Our platforms comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE